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Jiříkovo vidění
The World According to Jiri

An authentic raw documentary from the point of view of a daughter, the director behind the camera, who helps her father a scientist to provoke a world debate about his plan to save the planet from climate upheaval.

In 2008, physicist Jiří Svoboda (* 1958) invented and published in the Czech scientific journal an effective tool for reducing CO2 emissions – the concept of Uniform Global Taxation of Fossil Fuel Extraction by Carbon Content. Since then, he has been looking in vain for allies and ways to further discuss and spread his idea. All his efforts to mediate to the general public were ignored or censored.

The independent filmmaker, artist and musician Marta Kovářová (* 1983) tries to use more social attention to the topic during the student strikes for the climate, to get her father to take more visible steps and to find out why his idea is controversial. In the documentary, she appears in the three roles of a daughter, a cameraman and a director, who enthusiastically motivates her father to implement hitherto untried strategies for presenting her ideas at different levels and for different target groups.

The viewer observes the relationship between father and daughter on the basis of their joint efforts to provoke a discussion about Jiri’s idea; partial successes in debates with experts in the Czech Republic (ecologists, climatologists, activists, students, economists) and mostly disappointments from attempts to meet world movers. After exhausting efforts to find allies in the Czech Republic, Jiri and Marta set off in December 2019 under the guise of journalists on a “mission expedition” to the UN global climate summit in Madrid.

After the experience from Madrid, Marta is looking for a way for Jiri’s idea to be officially voiced at the next World Climate Summit in 2021.


Directed by: Marta Kovářová

Written by: Marta Kovářová

Produced by: Jan Bodnár, Gnomon Production

Dramaturgy: Jan Gogola ml.

Cinematography: Marta Kovářová, Petr Kačírek, Jan Hubáček, Štěpán Svoboda

Editing: Varvara Šatunova

Professional consultations: Mgr. Alexandr Ač, Ph.D. - climatologist

Supported by: Czech Film Fund


DOK.revue - Globální home esej (Marta Kovářová)

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